Moonlit Bedframe

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  • Strong wooden slats prevents sagging: Because sagging isn’t sexy. 
  • No box spring needed. Just lay your mattress on top. It's that simple. 
  • Sleek Steel Construction: you know, the same same stuff skyscrapers are made of
  • Headboard Included: Nothing says “I have my life together” like having a headboard

High Floor Clearance: Rent is expensive. Why waste the space under your bed. The Moonlit Bedframe has seven inches of ground clearance making it easy to store your stuff underneath.

That’s enough space to store:

  • A seven inch tall shoe box
  • A seven inch tall teddy bear your ex gave you but you can’t bear to throw away 
  • A stack of old textbooks that you keep telling yourself that you’ll sell someday

Easily Disassembled: Move often? Our bedframe is built strong, yet comes apart in minutes. The Moonlit Bedframe is built to last. It won’t fall apart the first time you move it. Hell, it won’t fall apart the twentieth time you move it

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