How We Do It

We should probably explain how we sell furniture for so cheap before you suspect that we're just stealing goods from the back of furniture store. 


Just kidding, bringing the cost of furniture down to half of what it would usually cost wasn't simple. Here's a glance as to how we make it happen:

Direct to Consumer:

Here's what all retailers don't want you to know. When you buy furniture from a store 45% of the cost goes directly to the retailer to help keep the lights on, pay employees, and build massive buildings. By delivering straight to you, we only spend 10-15% of the cost on all of those things. 

By delivering straight to you without a middleman, we only spend 10-15% of the sale price on distribution.  

Buying Excess Factory Time:

In many cases, we work with the same factories that produce the name brand furniture. These factories aren't always employed by the name brand companies around the clock. That's where we step in. We go ahead and are able to buy the same furniture for the same factories for essentially the same price. 

This allows us to adapt and grow without having to take on the risk of building and running our own factory. These savings from not spending large amounts of cash on building factories means that we can lower our costs even further. 

Last Mile Efficiency:

You might think ordering online might save you a few bucks, but here's the thing. Shipping big bulky items like furniture to the customer can cost almost as much as running a retail store. That's because the last leg of shipping, the part where UPS or FedEx get involved costs almost as much as running a retail shop.

We, on the other hand, focus on localized markets. We have local distribution centers that allow for the distribution efficiency of a store, without the overhead of running a store. This allows us to ship directly to a small region and then handle the last mile delivery for all your products at once. The end result, you aren't eating the fees for shipping heavy furniture. 


By selling months in advance, we have the ability to minimize the amount of risk we take on and thus do not have to pay for excess inventory sitting around. This allows us to take a smaller margin and pass the savings on to you.


So there you have it. We aren't lifting goods out of the back of a furniture store, but the end result makes it seem like it. Ready to take the plunge, check out our bundles.