Moonlit Mattress

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We believe that a good night’s sleep is life-changing. So we decided to understand what makes for a perfect night’s sleep which led us to design a mattress with the optimal composition. The Moonlit Mattress offers the same advanced construction as our competitors for ½ the price.

FREE Delivery and Set-up:

  • Don’t throw out your back before you get a chance to sleep on your mattress; let us move it in for you. 

Design Stats:

1.5 Inch Dunlop Latex:

  • Keeps you cool (even though we already think you’re pretty cool 😎)
  • Provides ‘bounce’ like a spring mattress for any evening athletics 😉
  • Prevents you from sinking into the mattress (note: does not prevent sinking grades)

1.5 Inch 45D Memory Foam:

  • Contours to your body to provide support in all the right places
  • Adaptive firmness based off of pressure points
  • Made from the same stuff as a Tempur-Pedic®

1.5 Inch 28D Wave Foam:

  • No squeaky springs (to keep things quiet and discreet when the time comes)

5 Inch Support Foam:

  • Keeps your body evenly supported
  • Prevents your mattress from sagging

One Size Fits Al(most everyone):

We know how you sleep. Just kidding. But seriously our mattresses are built to accommodate almost everyone. Imagine, the best hotel bed you’ve slept on, that’s what the Moonlit Mattress is like. We like to describe our mattress as soft, but supportive. 

That said, if you enjoy sleeping on rock solid ground or the feeling of sinking into a pile of leaves, you might want to consider an alternative. Additionally, our mattress is catered for those under 250 pounds. At that point we'd suggest an even firmer mattress. 

Compare Us:

Check out Casper®, Tufts and Needle®, and Leesa®, now check out us. Same quality, half the price. It’s as simple as that. Now why wouldn’t you want to save yourself 50%?

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Don’t Like Our Mattress? We’ve got you covered with our 45-Day free trial.

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