Why Do Mattresses Cost So Much!?!

Why Do Mattresses Cost So Much?

A new mattress is one of the largest investments you make during your college career. Many are shocked by the cost of a high quality mattress, but why are new beds so expensive? Here’s what you need to consider when price shopping for a new mattress.

1) Retail Markup: Up to 45% of the price you pay at a retail mattress store or department store goes toward operational costs. This includes expenses such as rent, utilities, and employees’ wages. 
2) Commissions: Mattress companies have to pay their sales people commission on each mattress they sell. Sales people often work for small hourly wages, relying heavily on large commission rates. 
3) Shipping: Getting mattresses from overseas manufacturers to stores here in America is expensive, and retailers manage that expense by transferring it to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Why Moonlit is Different

1) We don’t have retail stores or factories that we need to support. By selling direct to consumer, we save on operational costs and pass the savings onto you!
2) The last thing you need is an untrustworthy sales person pressuring you into purchasing more than you need. The only person who knows what you need in a mattress, is you! When you shop at Moonlit, you’ll never be pressured into a purchase.
3) Our mattresses and bed frames are distributed locally. We save on shipping, and you get lower prices. It’s a win – win!

By selling our furniture direct to consumer, we can offer you lower prices for high quality mattresses. Check out our mattress + bed frame bundle designed, delivered, and assembled by UT Students, for UT Students.

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