Things to do Around UT Austin

By: Jacob Gonzales    9/11/2017@ 10:30 pm


    You’re busy, no doubt. You’re a student, a parent, an athlete, a workaholic or whatever your vice may be. However, that doesn’t stop you from wanting a break every now and then. No doubt, there are many things to do around the city of Austin, but we will save all of those for later. Right now, we are going to focus on the city’s flagship university, The University of Texas at Austin. 

    UT is a premiere college, and home to over 50,000 students. What many don’t know though, is that UT is also home to many different engaging locations. These locations provide activities for many different kinds of people. Below, are suggestions of different things to do on a free weekend. These different locations will come with some of the most enriching times of your life. 


1)    The SAC Astrology Dome


    Many people don’t know this exists. It’s sad that this amazing gem is going to waste. On top of the Student Activity Center is a circular viewing area open to all star gazers. An Austin local artist created the location to share his love of astrology with others. If just looking at the bright stars on a dark night wasn’t unique enough, then you’ll love what happens when the sun is involved. At sunrise and sunset, the artist’s creativity comes to life. The dome viewing area will suddenly commence a light show to commemorate the rising and falling of the Earth’s source of light and heat. Imagine watching the sunset with your friends, or special someone, and a light show begins. It’s just like having your own personal firework show!


2)    The LBJ Library


    Alright, so this one is for the political history buffs. Many people don’t know that Lady Bird was an actual member the UT Austin Board of Trustees at one point, and LBJ’s Press Secretary is an alumnus of UT Austin. Aside from the point, President Johnson’s deep love for Texas (Austin specifically) left him with no choice but to put his presidential library in the capital of The Lone Star State. What better place to put it then right next to the state’s flagship university? The LBJ Library is home to artifacts related to some of President Johnson’s most crucial moments as President of the United States, artifacts related to Texas and American history, as well as a replica of the Oval Office. 


3)    Benson Library and Blanton Museum


    These two are for history and art lovers. The Blanton Museum is infamous for its connection to the city of Austin, nevertheless UT. The Blanton Art Museum is home to multiple original art creations, as well as multiple replicas of some of antiquity’s greatest cultural feats. The Benson Latin American Collection, however; is a widely unknown museum in the far east part of campus. The Benson Latin American Collection is dedicated to preserving the livelihood of Latin America’s history. Inside, one will find numerous original codexes illustrated by Aztecs and written by Spanish scribes during the colonial era. As well, you will get to come in contact with some of the original documents that gave Nueva España to Christopher Columbus, one of a kind maps of the Aztec Empire, and more. You might even see the Spanish King stop on one of his frequent visits to campus to overlook the state of these rare documents. 


4)    Gregory Gym


    This is for our athletic people. If you are ever bored and want something fun to do, there is no doubt you will find something at Gregory Gym. Home to a state of the art workout room, you will get in shape in no time spending an hour a day at UT's gym. If you aren’t in the mood for an actual workout, no problem there are plenty of other things to do. Try rock climbing on the indoor rock wall, swimming in one of UT’s multiple competition sized pools, learn how to play racket ball by renting the equipment (for free) at the gym, or even get a message downstairs at the RecSports lounge area. There is always something for everyone at Greg—even if you are just picking up a one-day delivery package from the Amazon store. 



The University of Texas at Austin is a large campus—over 400 acres to be exact. But for Longhorn lovers, that's the best part, because no matter what there is always something to do. It's important to experience as much as you can as an Austinite, even more so if you are a UT student. Here at Moonlit Furniture we believe that a quality night’s rest is the first step to doing all of these great things. So be sure to get all your 6-8 hours a night on one of our great mattresses and see what the Moonlit Difference truly is. I bet you’ll find that experiencing life at its fullest will be a lot easier.

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