5 Things to Class Up Your Room

5 Things to Class Up Your Room

by: Jacob Gonzales   Sept. 5, 2017 @ 9:00 a.m. 


There you are, in your new college apartment or dorm with your group of friends when you realize that something isn’t right. What isn’t right exactly? Your room. You begin to realize that there is nothing “you” about the room. Your friends have no where to sit, no way to understand you any better than eating food at a lunch table, and you have no way to express yourself creatively. Well, now you do. These ten things below are great for decorating any new college bedroom or dorm on a cheap budget. 


  1. A Chair

There is nothing worse than having people over and no where for them to sit. No one truly likes sitting on the floor (no matter what they say). Something comfortable, stylish, and small can be a great addition to any new home away from home. A saucer chair makes a great addition to any new room, and is relatively cheap.  

Mainstay Black Saucer Chair: $20 at Walmart



2) A Painting 

Nothing says classy like a piece of wall art. While some of the best paintings are typically bough for a lot of money, there is nothing to say that you can’t replicate that. Let out your inner creative (or your inner child) and make some of your own wall decor. Simply pick up a couple of canvases, some brushes, and some paint to make your room into something uniquely you. 

Pack of 10 Canvases: $16 on Amazon 

3) Christmas Lights

I know that this may seem a little odd, or even a little trashy, but TRUST ME when I say that Christmas Lights are the best! Not only are they easy to hang with a couple of thumb tacks, they provide a lot of light. The warm yellow color of the individual lights helps create a calming mood to your room late at night. They are extremely inexpensive (especially right after the holidays), and help produce a lot of light in a dark area Christmas Lights: $6 at Target

Christmas Lights: $6 at Target


4) A Nice Comforter Set

While this may seem self-explanatory, many people don’t realize what a difference this can make. This can turn any Moonlit Furniture™ bed, into a mattress of a life time. Showing off a new bed set can take you from being the guy with a blanket on his full sized mattress, to the classy gentleman with a matching bed set. Your friends will love it, and so will you. 

7 Piece Bed Set: $50 at Walmart


5) White Board

While this does nothing for making the room feel more sophisticated, it does come with multiple functions. You can use it to help you see your work on a larger scale. You can use it to create a large calendar. Or my favorite, you can use it to show off your creative side. Feel free to draw on the white board as if it was a while. Or maybe turn it into a larger collage of magnetic pictures of some of your fondest memories. The options are endless!








Dry Erase Board: $8 on Amazon


There is nothing wrong with spending a little money on your room. If it is your dorm, it will be yours for an entire year. If it is a new apartment, then it is yours for possibly the next four years (at minimum). You might as well make the best of what you have. Enjoy yourself, and your new home. Take some time to get a couple cheap things, and show off your inner creativity.

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